1.9.1 The On-Line Manual or Off-Line PDF Files

This wiki-based manual is now maintained in real-time by volunteer authors who make changes to this document as the program changes. If you are reading this on the web, you are reading the absolute latest version of the N1MM Logger+ manual. It may lag announced program changes by a few days, but hopefully not more than that.

However, you may need to access the N1MM Logger+ manual from a location without Internet access; or you may prefer using Adobe Reader to view and search the manuals.

There are two methods for accessing the pre-built copies of the documentation in Adobe PDF format. Instructions for downloading the files can be found here: Download Existing PDF Files - these instructions are from N1MM Logger Classic, but the same methods should work for Plus.

To make your own off-line copies of the current English manual (either printed paper copies, or electronic PDF / HTML copies), see the Off-line Copies of Wiki Documents chapter in the wiki Users Guide.

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