Loading... My Contest Isn't Here. What Can I Do?

If the contest is not currently supported by the program there are four options:

  • Use the 'User Defined Contest' capability to create a new contest template.
  • Find another contest with a similar exchange and similar rules. If the only difference is in the scoring, you can run the contest and create the Cabrillo file, then edit the Cabrillo file to change the contest name. You can either score the contest manually after the contest, or enter a claimed score of zero and let the contest sponsor calculate the multipliers and points
  • Use a 'general' contest like DXSERIAL, DX, etc. Run the contest and do the log creation after the contest using Notepad or a similar text editor. When Cabrillo is the requested log format, create the Cabrillo log and update the header. The contest sponsor will calculate the multipliers and points. This is the easy way to go for many small, mostly local, contests
  • Request that the contest become one of the supported contests
    • Whenever someone requests support for a particular contest, it would be good to have an indication of the number of entries the contest received during the previous year's running. This is not to suggest that there is a threshold below which contests will not be supported, but that knowing this is helpful in prioritizing for the people who do the work. In the past we have had requests to support contests that had fewer than 10 entries the previous year
    • Since the programmers do not have unlimited time to respond to last-minute requests, set yourself a target date (for example, a minimum of three months prior to the next running of the contest) to allow time for programming and proper testing
    • It is part of the nature of the N1MM Logger+ project that users, and particularly those users requesting support for a particular contest, are the people who are relied upon to test and be sure the contest module does what it is supposed to do. It is particularly important to test far enough in advance of the running of a contest so that any problems can be identified and fixed. Users will do well to check each contest as it is coming up, to make sure that any rule changes are reported to the programmers in time for changes to be made.

If you identify bugs or propose contest-specific features during the running of a contest, don't expect an immediate response. Contest-specific things are on a calendar to be addressed before the next running. Of course, defects in Cabrillo output are an exception, since they need to be fixed in time for score submission and can be done in the weeks after the contest.

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