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The documentation is organized in three main sections:
GettingStarted 10

1. Getting Started Description

Getting Started guides the new user in chronological order to the point where he/she has a correctly installed version of N1MM Logger+ with basic logging functionality.

DigDeeper 10

2. Digging Deeper Description

The Digging Deeper section provides in-depth information for configuring and operating N1MM Logger+, beyond what is covered in Getting Started. The information in Digging Deeper is arranged by topic areas.

References 10

3. References Description

The Reference section contains information not directly related to supporting the N1MM Logger+ software - but still information that users will find useful.

FAQ 10

4. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ contains answers to commonly asked questions from the N1MM Logger email reflector.

Translations in Other Languages
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  • ...other translations - looking for volunteers with PDF versions of the files. Please contact K8UT

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